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At EZ Freeze we specialize in building high quality propane gasrefrigerators and freezers. And by applying our more than 30 years in the business for your benefit; we are the industry leader in the natural gas refrigeration industry. With our product offerings, you will see that we have one of the largest selections of gas refrigerators and freezers in the world.


With our extensive selection of products we easily have you covered providing you with multiple choices whether you are shopping for a gas refrigerator with freezer combination unit, a total gas refrigerator, an upright gas freezer, or a blizzard gas freezer. When you work with EZ Freeze, will you discover that we that we not only provide exceptional products but also outstanding service.


We outclass the competition in both product performance and durability with our exclusive offers from these selected dealers; featuring a 7 YEAR WARRANTY with each and every EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator unit. We use quality materials to provide you with a high quality finished product that we stand behind.


All of our products are proudly manufactured/assembled in the USA. We provide a variety of size and color options to fit nearly every off grid type of requirements.


We carry the largest selection of off grid refrigeration and freezers in the world. Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors for your new gas refrigerator or propane freezer so that you are ready for your off grid adventures that await you!

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Included with the purchase of every EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator and Gas Freezer, the Service, Maintenance, Set-up, and Troubleshooting DVD will guide you through any questions you may have about your new fridge or freezer. Keep your propane gas refrigerator working efficiently and trouble-free for years and years to come. It's gas fridge maintenance made easy and takes the mystery out of it. The DVD describes set-up tips such as lighting, leveling, leak testing, and pressure testing. The maintenance portion includes "How to clean the burner" and "How to replace a thermocouple". More involved details show how to take temperature readings on the cooling unit for performance diagnosis.

Now featuring the 7 year cooling unit warranty. "The best warranty in the business"

All EZ Freeze Refrigerators & Freezers have a free extended 24 month warranty on the cooling unit when purchased through this EZ Freeze dealer network. Add this to the original 5 year limited warranty increases the warranty to 7 years. This offer is only valid when purchased through this network! Warranty covers any manufacturer defect. Free replacement cooling unit. Shipping and labor not included.