Online Self-Help Servicing and Troubleshooting for your EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator

Transporting a gas refrigerator

Standing Up -vs- Laying Down

Lighting a gas refrigerator

First Time

Hand Lighting

Operation of a gas refrigerator

Adjusting Temperatures

Tricks n Tips

Maintenance of a gas refrigerator

Cleaning Inside

Cleaning Outside


Repairs for a gas refrigerator

Cleaning the Burner

Cleaning the Flue and Baffle

Cleaning the Orifice

Replacing a Thermocouple

Replacing a Thermostat

Replacing the Cooling Unit

Adjusting the Orifice to Burner to Flue

Warranty Of Your EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator

EZ Freeze refrigerators are covered by a 3/7 Year Extended Warranty. Three year warranty parts and labor on complete unit with 5 additional years on cooling unit. All warranties are “carry in service”. Please see original warranty card supplied within the unit or contact your dealer.