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EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerators
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Propane Freezers Manufactured by EZ Freeze

Propane Freezer by EZ Freeze

EZ Freeze propane freezers are the perfect tool for off grid food storage. Living off grid (or in a remote cabin) could mean you go long periods between provisioning food supplies. A propane gas freezer can help increase the shelf life or expiration date of your food.

For off grid hunting cabins, a propane freezer is essential to store your freshly harvested game meat. A single successful hunt can supply a family with meat for months and maybe even the entire year. A dedicated upright propane freezer will allow you to store large quantities of game meat and reduce any waste. Freeze and store your game meat for long-term periods with peace of mind that an electric outage will not spoil your game meat.

Off Grid Applications

As mentioned above, our propane freezers are perfect for just about any off grid home. Whether it’s a hunting cabin, a remote tiny house, or an eco-friendly off grid cottage, our freezers will keep up with all your food storage needs.

Product Feature Highlights

Our freezers are stylish, loaded with features and the upright configuration means it’s easier to organize your frozen foods. Here are a few feature highlights:

  • Manufactured & Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Year Limited Warranty
  • Our upright gas freezers come in three sizes: 15, 18, and 21 cubic feet
  • Fast Freezing interior freezer shelves
  • Rollers for easy moving
  • No electricity required (built in LED interior light uses 4 D cell batteries)
  • Easy push button piezo igniter from front>
  • Thermostat controlled temperature
  • Available in Natural Gas version
Inside a Propane Freezer

Benefits of an upright propane freezer

When choosing to live in an off-grid cabin or cottage, in many cases propane gas may be the only fuel source option. Upright gas freezers have many benefits, including:

  • Totally silent, no noisy electric fridge spoiling your quiet cabin
  • Completely off-grid, no connection to the outside world needed
  • Eco-friendly, propane is well known as a clean energy
  • Cost-effective, newer propane fridges are efficient and propane is cheap, this is a winning combination

Have peace of mind when buying a freezer through a reputable manufacturer like EZ Freeze. We opened business in 1989 determined to sell premium gas freezers at an affordable price. Our client focused business model has served us well and we here we are today going strong. As leaders in the industry we pride ourselves on providing durable, cost-effective gas freezers for your off-grid food storage needs.

Using only the best quality materials to provide you with a high quality finished product that we stand behind. All of our products are proudly manufactured/assembled in the USA - coupled with our product knowledge we are unrivaled in the gas freezer and propane refrigeration market.

Check out our exclusive offers from these selected dealers; featuring a *7 YEAR WARRANTY with each and every EZ Freeze Freezer unit.

Visit one of our dealers today and you will see why EZ FREEZE is the premier choice for all of your off grid refrigeration and freezer needs!

* EZ Freeze refrigerators are covered by a 7 year limited warranty. Five year warranty parts and labor on complete unit with two additional years on cooling unit. All warranties are "carry in service". Please see original warranty card supplied within the unit or contact your dealer.


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