Lighting a gas refrigerator

First Time

After the set-up of the unit is complete, use the following procedure to light the burner. First time lighting may take longer than usual due to the air that may be in the gas lines.

  1. Turn the gas valve at the rear of the refrigerator
  2. To start the refrigerator, turn the thermostat knob “Temp” (Thermostat) to the #2 setting
  3. Push and hold “Gas” (Gas Safety Valve) button, and then…
  4. Press the “Spark ” (Piezo Ignitor) button continuously 5 to 10 times to light burner. Confirm the flame is lit by viewing through the flame “Viewer”. It should be possible to hear a slight turbulent noise from the flame. If the burner is lit, continue holding the “Gas ” button for 5-15 seconds. Release the “Gas” button and confirm the burner is still lit. If the burner does not light, repeat steps 1 through 4.

We recommend to take a good look at the flame upon initial start up and memorize the size and color for future reference. It is good practice to visually check the flame for this size and color upon every start up. If the flame is too small or discolored, refer to the trouble shooting section.

Hand Lighting

If for some reason the unit will not light with the piezo ignition or the ignitor is failing to spark, it is possible to hand light the burner. This usually requires two people. Simply use the above procedure and replace “Spark ” Button with a person at the burner with a lighter. Refer to the Will not Light section.