Repairs for a gas refrigerator

Cleaning the Burner

The Burner Tube is easily cleaned out with high pressure air by simply blowing from the Burner Slots toward the Burner Air Intake side. See below picture. Using Air in a Can is another option for service in remote areas. Be sure to turn the flame off and let the burner cool since some Air in a Can is flammable. The burner tube does not have anything inside of it. Using a pipe cleaner to probe the inside and loosen the debris is OK. Once the burner is cleaned, the flame should burn clean and crisp. Refer to below picture. When thermostat is on High Flame, the flame will “dance” slightly and have a slight turbulating noise. If the flame has been burning dirty for any period of time, be sure to also clean the flue and baffle. See below.

Cleaning the Flue and Baffle

If soot build up is present inside the flue pipe (exhaust), then cleaning is required. Turn off gas supply and let flue pipe cool. Remove the baffle by unhooking the wire at the top of the flue pipe and pulling it up and out. Refer to the below picture. Clean the baffle free from soot by using a wire brush.

Place a cover over the burner tube to protect it from falling debris. Aluminum tin foil works well. Using a Flue Brush (not included) clean entire length of Flue Pipe until debris is brushed free. Be careful and do not damage the Burner Tube.

Cleaning the Orifice

It is rare that debris will get around the filters and make it to the orifice. If the flame size is too small, the thermostat checks out good, and the gas supply pressure checks out good, it is possible that the orifice may need to be cleaned. To remove the orifice, loosen the gas supply line brass fitting on the “gas in” side of the orifice. Refer to top picture. Gently move the gas supply line (aluminum) to the side. Bending this line is OK, but do not kink. Remove the brass nut holding the orifice to the burner bracket. Clean the orifice by washing in rubbing alcohol or blowing through it with high pressure air. NEVER FORCE ANY OBJECT THROUGH THE ORIFICE. Changing the orifice hole size by ANY amount will harm the operation of the refrigerator and void the warranty. When reinstalling the orifice, be sure to line the orifice up so that the gas will shoot into the center of the Burner Tube. Check for leaks at the gas supply line fitting.