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Troubleshooting a gas refrigerator

Will Not Light....
First time start-up lighting difficulties may result from air in the gas line. Be patient with the lighting procedure since the gas orifice hole is very small on these units, so it may take several minutes to bleed the air from the gas lines. This is exaggerated even more if this is new construction and the gas lines have never been used.

Be sure the Piezo Ignitor is making a snapping sound when pushing it in. If not, then the Piezo Ignitor may be defective. Replace.

If the above items check OK, then check to be sure that the Spark Electrode is creating a spark at the Burner Slots when the Piezo Ignitor is pushed. You should see a spark jump the gap between the Spark Electrode and the Burner Tube at the moment that the Piezo Ignitor makes the snapping noise. The spark electrode should be clean and positioned approximately 1/8" to 3/16" above the burner tube. See picture below.

You may hand light the unit with a lighter by holding the lighter flame at the Burner Slots while proceeding with the below instructions. This process takes 2 persons. Person 1 must do the following;

  1. Turn on the gas valve at the rear of the refrigerator
  2. To start the refrigerator, turn the thermostat knob "Temp" (Thermostat) to the #2 setting
  3. Push and hold "Gas" (Gas Safety Valve) button, and then...

Person 2 must follow the below sequence...


Will Not Stay Lit....
If the burner lights but does not stay lit after you release the Safety Valve "Gas" Button, then retry and hold the button on longer. If it still does not stay lit, then the Thermocouple may be dirty, loose, or defective. Clean any carbon deposits from the end of the Thermocouple with a soft wire brush. Check the connection of the thermocouple at the back of the Safety Valve body. This will require a 5/16" or 8mm wrench. If the above checks out but does not fix the problem, then replace the thermocouple. Be sure to adjust the thermocouple into the flame the same amount as the original.


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