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Troubleshooting a gas refrigerator

Flame is Yellow....
The most common cause of a propane gas refrigerator not functioning properly is due to a dirty flame. This is the product of debris getting into the burner tube. Debris such as insects, lint, hair, or dust build-up are most common. The Burner Tube is easily cleaned out with high pressure air by simply blowing from the Burner Slots toward the Burner Air Intake side. Once this is accomplished, the flame should burn clean and crisp. If the flame has been burning dirty for any period of time, be sure to also clean the flue and baffle. See the Cleaning Flue and Baffle section.

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The Proper Flame should look like the below images. High Flame will occur when the unit is chilling down to the set thermostat temperature. Low Flame will occur when the unit is at the set thermostat temperature. The thermostat automatically switches from high to low flame in order to maintain the correct set temperature determined by the setting of the thermostat "Temp" knob .1   2


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