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Troubleshooting a gas refrigerator

Fridge is too Warm....
There are many reasons why the refrigerator compartment temperature may rise.

  1. Ambient air temperature rises.
  2. Humidity increases.
  3. Usage (door openings) increases.
  4. Loading with large quantity of food.

For any of the above, adjust the thermostat control to a higher number (turn clockwise) and recheck the refrigerator compartment temperatures the next morning.

Other reasons include the following;

  1. Insufficient ventilation. See the Ventilation section.
  2. Refrigerator not level. See the Leveling section.
  3. Condenser fins dirty. See the Cleaning section.
  4. Refrigerator needs defrosting. See the Defrosting section.
  5. Low gas pressure. See the Gas Pressure section.
  6. Yellow (Dirty) Flame. See the Yellow Flame section.
  7. Faulty thermostat. Call serviceman to replace.

Refrigerator not cooling at all....

  1. Flame is out. Propane supply is depleted. Wind gust blew the flame out. Faulty thermocouple. Dirty burner.
  2. Faulty thermostat. Call serviceman to replace.
  3. Failed cooling unit. Call serviceman to replace.

Exhaust Fumes Smell....
Odor from the flue pipe is usually caused by a dirty flame. See the Yellow Flame section and Clean the Burner section

Strong Odor....
If an ammonia smell is detected and no cleaning solution with ammonia has been used recently, then it is possible that the sealed absorption system is leaking. Call a serviceman.



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