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Self-Help Online Service and Troubleshooting for your EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator

A.) Transporting a gas refrigerator

  1. Standing Up -vs- Laying Down

B.) Set-up of a gas refrigerator

  1. Gas Connection
  2. Leak testing
  3. Gas Pressure
  4. Leveling
  5. Ventilation

C.) Lighting a gas refrigerator

  1. First Time
  2. Hand Lighting

D.) Operation of a gas refrigerator

  1. Adjusting Temperatures
  2. Tricks n Tips

E.) Maintenance of a gas refrigerator

  1. Cleaning Inside
  2. Cleaning Outside
  3. Defrosting

F.) Trouble Shooting a gas refrigerator

  1. Will Not Light
  2. Will Not Stay Lit
  3. Refrigerator is Too Warm
  4. Flame is Yellow
  5. Refrigerator is Not Cooling at all

G.) Repairs for a gas refrigerator

  1. Cleaning the Burner
  2. Cleaning the Flue and Baffle
  3. Cleaning the Orifice
  4. Replacing a Thermocouple
  5. Replacing a Thermostat
  6. Replacing the Cooling Unit
  7. Adjusting the Orifice to Burner to Flue

H.) Warranty of your EZ Freeze gas refrigerator

EZ Freeze refrigerators are covered by a three (5) year limited warranty. Three year warranty parts and labor on complete unit with two additional years on cooling unit. All warranties are "carry in service". Please see original warranty card supplied within the unit or contact your dealer.




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